Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Th one where INSOMNIA has taken over me.

Salam. Hello :)

According to my sister's laptop, it is now 4:38am. What am I doing awake at this time? I HAVE NO IDEA. Insomnia has taken over me.


So anyway, was looking through some pictures and I found this.

If you don't recognize me, I'm pretty little Snow White. Yang mana? Yang tu haa. Tengah tu. 
Pretty little Snow White was pretty little rongak that time. 
Banyak je dapat candy that Halloween rongak rongak pun.

More embarrassing photos to upload! Memalukan tapi takpe. Will sacrifice my well being to keep my lovely readers entertained. Or laugh.Whichever comes first. Sweet kan sweet kan? 

(May rethink about uploading embarrassing pics when eyes aren't half open.)

With that, I end this post by saying Goodnight. 


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