Thursday, 17 November 2011

The one where NICE is actually really nice.


Hello! Back again and am here to update u'olls! So, us Uitm students (and other public universities) had that 1 week of holiday for Aidil Adha so Yazmin and I took that oppurtunity and decided to go back to Singapore to spend time with Daddy Mummy and baby sisters.

Since it's just the two of us, we decided to take the bus to Singapore. Heard that this NICE bus company ni okay, so decided to give it a go. It was my first time naik bus to Singapore so me took lotsa pics! Min said I ni jakun macam tak pernah naik bus but whatever.

                 Hehe. Took the earliest bus.
     Pale face. Tengah kelam kabut, lupa nak makeup. -____-
         And yes, that's OUR breakfast. Yes, we finished it.
                   Yes, gemok. I know.
Eleh Min, cakap jakun amek2 gambar tapi time nak amek gambar dia, pose je. W.
 Naik bus terus makan. Ahahha. Chill la Min. :p
 Awal awal dah cop window seat! Ehehe.
This is the TV. Small, but okay la.

That's actually all the photos I took for the trip. Heh. Ingatkan banyak. ( Maybe cuz I slept the whole way)

To summarize, I macam jakun skit cuz the service is like when your on a flight u know. They even have bus attendees ( ala ala stewardess gitu) They serve food and drinks along the way, provide blankets, headphones for the TV. Macam- macam la.

Although it's a bit expensive ( RM80 ++ for one way)  but it's worth it. For those who want a comfortable trip to Singapore, I would suggest NICE. The journey takes about 4-5 hours, very smooth driving. You can take this bus from KTM lama tu, KL Sentral and the new TBS.

Tips: Being a transport student, I am VERY particular on the safety aspect. Especially long distance kan. The condition of the bus and the bus driver is vital to ensure a safe journey. So I made sure the bus driver was fresh, capable to drive and doesn't go too fast. If  a bus driver goes too fast on the road, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK UP and tegur. (Elok elok la)  Okay?

More tips? Dress for comfort! ( Refer to picture number 2) Ehehhe. As you can see, I am dressed for comfort. Wore Handsome's sweater that I'm suppose to return back to him ( Sorry b!), skinny jeans, flats and I'm ready to go!

That's all for now :)


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