Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The one with the NEVER ENDING WAR.

Hello sunshine!

My previous post was a bit too long so I'm gonna cut this one short aite? hehe.

                 *ehem ehem, testing mic 1, 2 3*

It has come to my attention that people seriously have to start minding their own freaking business. 

Btw, the title is merely just to grab your attention. Haha. Nothing serious like the Civil War. Just the never ending drama talking in English or Malay. I mean, I consider myself to be a tolerant person.(I think)
And sometimes I like being liked and therefore I follow people or listen to people just so that they accept me or like me better.

                       (Which is BAD, sometimes)

I know, I know I dah bebel dah about this english malay thing earlier but people are still getting on my nerves. Durh. Bukan the whole of Malaysia baca my blog pun, so how would they know.

So yea, I speak and write in English because I'm just more comfortable. Kan kan? I told you guys in my English Vs Malay post. but you see, this is my drama:

When I talk, write, tweet, comment, etc.. in english I get criticized. People say I'm urm, and I quote, " bajet mat salleh" or that I'm belagak and the best is, " malu nak cakap dalam bahasa melayu la tu" Haha. You guys crack me up. No, I tak " BAJET mat salleh" To my understanding, *put on my Harry Potter spectacles* a BUDGET is an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future. Ahahahaha. Loser. Nak kutuk pun doesn't make any sense. Moving on, so now I'm considered as belagak if I talk in english? That's more absurd. And about " malu nak cakap dalam bahasa melayu la tu", No, I'm not embarrassed talking in Malay. But what I am embarrassed is on my poor ability TO talk in Malay. Big difference.

So anyway, sometimes terasa jugak la kan when people say these things. So what the heck? Let me just cakap je lah. So I start talking in Malay. But when I mess up or I cakap tak betul, guess what they do? They laugh and make fun of it.


Errr bukan kau ke yang semangat tak habis habis suruh cakap dalam bahasa melayu? I've already told people my Malay is poor which is why I use English but people still tak faham. And when I DO use Malay, they make fun of me. Stupido.

Moral of the story: You can't satisfy everybody. You can't stop people from talking about you. I mean if good things pun people boleh kutuk- kutuk, obviously the bad things lagi teruk kan? So, I'm practicing to not care. I'm gonna do what I think is best for me. Okay? And to those yang kutuk- kutuk tu, screw you. :)

                 I hope this is considered a short post.


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  1. oh kamon, biarkan je diorang, yg suke kritik ckp 'Bajet omputih or malu nk ckp bhs melayu' tu diorang sebenarnya cemburu sbb dorang tak reti ckp omputih hik3