Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The one with GUESS WHAT!

Salam. Hi!

Yes I'm back after 1 minute of posting the previous post! Nak sangat update kan? Amek kau. Haha.

Tak sabar-sabar nak share with uolls about this. *chicken dance*

So I was at Giant with my family last weekend and I spotted a magazine on the shelf of this magazineshop. The girl on the cover being extremely beautiful grabbed my attention and decided to pick it up. The next thing that grabbed my attention was the top right of the magazine. Tengok lah tengok lah.

Okay kecik sangat kot text dia. For those yang tak dapat baca the text, it says " Pencarian Covergirl"

Ahahahaha. If that yellow envelope there didn't give it away, yes I'm trying out. This is probably one of the most boldest things I've done because I'm super duper shy. I'm hoping entering this Covergirl contest will help me break that ice and get me out of my comfort zone. ( Kalau dapat lah InsyaAllah) :)

               Haaaa you see, just 3 more spots left!

                         My application. Haha!

Heee, that's the end of the post! InsyaAllah if I get any feedback, I'll be sure to update! Doakan please? :) Love you long time! And a big THANK YOU to my parents! They also encouraged me to join, always there supporting me. *hugs* Sayang Papa Mama. <3

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