Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Today I celebrated my 27th birthday! Alhamdulillah. 

Well actually by the time you read this, it would be the day after. But whatevs. 

Despite feeling super old,

(gone were those days when people would address me as 'dik', now it's "kak" or "puan")


 I had a blast spending the whole day at Pavillion with my Mum, Min, Ria (my sister Iris had school), Zara, Zuzu (my nieces) & of course, my beloved Ariana.

So when it comes to presents for me, Mel doesn't trust his taste. Maybe because we're total opposites. Mel likes classic things, and I like weird/unique/LOUD/ things. (Like my sunny side up bag which he still doesn't get!) 

Hence, he decided a few years back to just give me a budget and I'll just pick something for myself. (Thank God! teehee. Just kiddin' Sayang! But not really.) 

When buying expensive or high end-ish items, I take a really really long time to make a decision, just to make sure I'm getting my money's worth.
(Well, Mel's money's worth. hewhew) 

And so I jalan here and there, go to various stores, jalan jalan lagi and go back to those stores, and go in and out and it can take FOREVER. Seriously, whoever came up with the "Shopping is My Cardio" saying is speaking the TRUTH

Penat weh. 

Moving on to the point of this post. After an entire day at Pavillion, I finally picked out my present. 

My happy/satisfied face. 

Why this bag? From this store? Out of all stores? 

(I know you tak tanya pun, but I'll tell you why anyway.)

You know how sometimes you walk in these high end stores and the sales person looks at you one kind? Like "eh kau mampu ke shop sini?" kind of look? Ala-ala Pretty Woman shopping scene tu?

WELL, I got THAT LOOK a lot today. 

Yelah tengah juggle tolak stroller, carry barang and layan crying/noisy babies. Maklumlah, my tudung dah senget, my baju has saliva on it, and my seluar dah kena chocolate, so it doesn't really scream FABULOSITY

But this sales rep at Tory Burch Pavillion ( Darn it, I didn't get his name!) was so nice from the moment I walked in the store DESPITE all that! 

He keluarkan all kinds of bags, purses of every color for me, everything I asked for. He took it all out, laid it in front of me. He placed back all the ones I wasn't interested in without shooting an annoyed look (I wouldn't blame him though, I was so indecisive! haha). 

On top of that, Ariana and Zara were jumping and playing around, but still not a single nasty look from him. 

(Above picture) Decision making with one of my mini consultants. 

(Above picture) Mini consultant yang ni kena potong gaji sebab syok sendiri.

(Above picture) Stealing my thunder.

So in the end it was down to 2 stores. Both had equally nice bags, with the same price, but HE was the tie breaker. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it pays off being nice to people.


Like Ellen always says, be kind to others yo!