Sunday, 30 October 2011

The one with how I spent MY WEEKEND.

Hello loves.

Nak cakap "I'm back" tapi mesti dah menyampah dah kan? haha. kejap je back, pastu hilang balik.

Especially Handsome, mesti dia paling menyampah. Handsome, I know your reading this. YOU SEE haaaa, I'm writing ni haaa. Tamau marah. Suka taw nak marah marah. Nak merajuk merajuk. Nak ngada ngada.

Senang je keluar topik kan? Tiba-tiba nak bebel pasal Handsome pulak. Takpelah, next time. Hik. ( Kiddin love) Okay, back to the title. HOW I SPENT MY WEEKEND.

For those who have been following me so far (shout out to my 19 followers! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, love u long time!), you know my family currently lives in Singapore. So yea, they came back this week. *chicken dance* And sadly baru balik just now. :( Although I wish we had more time to spend together, dapat spend this weekend pun dah bersyukur dah. :)

SO, this is what we did. ( WARNING: Lots of pictures + A special video at the end :p )


Met up with the family at Baby Damia's 4th Birthday Party and Baby Bishri's cukur jambul. ( Mama drove straight from Singapore)
Left to Right : Ria, Princess Damia, and Iris. ( Iris and Ria's after " I just slept 5 hours in the car" face)

Princess Damia and I. Check out her wings! Isn't that just adorable?

oops. terselit a vain photo. hik.
Btw, the venue was just lovely. At Felda Villa. Garden themed.
Spot my parents!

Yazmin and I posing with our beloved Maksu.

Another vain moment, to end the night! Balik after the party, terus ZzzzZZZZ. And btw, Sorry no pictures of Bishri! Sampai sampai je dia dah tidur, so will try to upload ap pic of her in the future. Mwah. Moving on....


As if the food last night wasn't enough to add to my existent fats, on Saturday my Tante Netty belanja ALL of us Janis clan to eat at Restaurant Oshima, Shah Alam Walk. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complainin. Rezeki jangan ditolak so woot woot. Alhamdulillah, with family + good food, you can never go wrong. :)

 Yazmin with the soon to be parents! ( InsyaAllah) Awang and Zetty
 Mother with Grandmother <3
 Iris, Daddy and I :)
 Atuk & Nenek saya. Atuk comot la tapi comel jugak. hehe.
 Ria, Iris and I
 Nenek with Baby Uqail and Mummy with Baby Reefa :)
 Father and baby Uqail.
 From left: Tante Lin, Om Rahim, Om Salim and Tante Netty
 Snippet of the rest
 Ziqqie and Me.
 Candid photo of my beloved parents <3
 *snap snap*

Batwoman. Robin is on duty today. ( scroll down to see who)

After that solat at Tante Netty's house then back home.


So, started the day with breakfast at OldTown :)

 Pictures. A must.
 Mummy lapar.
 Daddy cranky when hungry. Hurm. Just like a certain Handsome boy I know. :p
Mama promoting OldTown and her prawn mee.

 Lovin this pic. Susah taw nak dapat Iris manja manja macam ni. hehe. love you b.
Aha! Robin on duty. ehehhehe.

There are more pictures tapi penat la nak post semua. The rest will be uploaded on my facebook k?

I actually wanted to upload a video here, but tak boleh. Will try lagi. That't it for now! So i had a great weekend with my family, I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as well :) Till next time! Mwah.