Friday, 18 November 2011

The one where he made me feel LIKE A PRINCESS.


Warning: This post is about Handsome, hence will be filled with sweet romantic awww moments. <3

Back from Singapore, Handsome told me he had lots of birthday surprises for me. Hik.

So the next morning, he woke me up and asked me to get ready cepat cepat. He kept saying we're late and that we had to rush somewhere. Since he wouldn't tell me where we're going, I had NO IDEA what to wear. He hinted to keep it simple and when I asked if I should wear heels or flats, he said flats. So okay.

Driving to the 1st surprise, I was really nervous. Apa la Handsome nak suruh I buat ni kan..Nak dekat sampai dah, he says. I looked around and saw lots of kedai kedai kereta sume. Terus in my head " OMG OMG, he's gonna rent out my dream car (White Porsche Cayenne)  for the day! That's why he told me to wear flats! Sebab nak drive!" LOL ( I never told you this b, sebab memalukan tapi yes that's what I thought) Haha.

TET. Wrong guess. 

We drove a little further and parked at Wisma Mustika Ratu. A SPA! Handsome surprised me with a spa! I'm pretty sure that was my first experience going to a spa. Hehe. It was fun! They gave me free sauna session for my birthday :)  A session was filled with massages, body scrubs, mandi bunga and everything.

It was the best! Thank you so much Handsome! Better than the Cayenne I had in mind. :p 

So after that 3 hour spa session, Handsome picked me up. Bukak pintu kereta and there was a bouquet of flowers on my seat. Wait for it...AWWWWW.... kan kan? Ya Allah sweetnya boyfriend saya ni. 
Tak sempat snap in the car, but here's a picture of the lovely carnations I put in the vase.

Hugging my flowers and smiling happily, Handsome said it's time for the 2nd surprise. He said this time dia nak bawak jumpa orang Handsome kat Pavillion. Dah kena jumpa orang handsome pulak dah. -___- Kite dah la selekeh gila time tu. Selekeh tapi wangi. heee. Wanna know who that handsome person is? 

Yes! It's Justin Timberlake! Haha. Went for a movie date :)

Best movie! Based on all his other movies, I thought he couldn't act but this was an exception. Great movie with a great story and cast. 

After that, for the 3rd surprise, Handsome took me out for dinner. Macam biasa la, dia taknak bagitau kat mana. He asked me to close my eyes. Comel betul. And so I did. 

Opened my eyes to a beautiful restaurant. Tamarind Springs. It was night and quite dark so all my pictures gelap. But i don't mind, it had that romantic candle light dinner ambiance to it. 

Encemnya Handsome ni.
You see that tin Fossil box? That's the 4th and final surprise. 
My birthday present :)

You really did make me feel like a princess. Thank you Handsome. <3


  1. hhaha suwet jerk...cpt2 la kawen =)
    tp mmg xleh blah yg verangan kereta tu hahha

  2. Hahaha! tula pasal. lebih lebih pulak nak kereta kan. -__- haha. InsyaAllah, Amin. Doakan ya :) Mwah.