Thursday, 1 December 2011


Salam and hello to all.

Bullies. Disebabkan bullies ni, tak pasal pasal baboons pun kena. Haha. 

Point is, I hate bullies. Can't stand them. And so obviously this type of hatred has to come from somewhere. So let me share with you my first semester in Uitm Segamat. 

Kolej Intan. 

(btw, Hasrita. Pinjam gambar ni tau)

The place I thought I was gonna call home until I finished my 3 years in Uitm Segamat. But due to some unfortunate events, I only lasted 3 semesters. At first I was super duper excited, the kolej looked okay, it was also close to the kedai makan, so I had no complaints. UNTIL I met THEM.

They called themselves our seniors. The head of our kolej at that time. The 'kakak- kakak" Part 6. Biasalah seniority whatever. Not all of them were mean, there were a few nice kakak's but the meanest one seemed to be the 'head'. I don't think it's necessary to put her name here. Pretty sure you KNOW who you are. And for my Kolej Intan-ians, you KNOW who I'm referring to right? haha.

Anyway, I get it. Your my senior, and I'm suppose to respect you blah blah blah. You see to me, the way you earn my respect is not by putting fear in me. That's not how it works for me. So that's what SHE did. She didn't bully me physically, she did it emotionally. Which was worse. They had rules for absolutely everything! Yang paling penting? Our attire. 

To these kakak's, the proper/ appropriate attire is like this:


Although it was absurd to follow zaman mana punya guidelines ni, my friends and I tried our very best to cover and to make sure that we follow these stupid guidelines. To PLEASE our seniors. Pfft.  The thing is, the kakak- kakak tu pun mana ada pakai macam ni. So you expect us to wear, but it doesn't apply to you? 

Errr, confuse.

So once upon a time while I was coming back from class, I decided to stop by the cafeteria and eat lunch with my friends. And just my luck! Terserempak with the lovely kakak senior. I smiled, obviously. ( Kalau tak nanti kena tegur. Haha! Tak senyum pun boleh jadi issue besar. LOL) So, ikhlas tak ikhlas, kena senyum jugak kan. She looked at me UP TO DOWN. (rude much right? Ada dia kisah?) Of course tak kisah. Senior weyhhhh!


Okay let me ask you all, kalau you duduk, your shirt ternaik skit ke or it's just static like that? Mesti ternaik kan? Standing up, my baju actually covered my butt, but obviously when I sat down to eat, the baju ternaik skit. Takdelah sampai nampak my butt or anything. No skin showing whatsoever! But due to the LOOK she gave me, I know something was gonna happen. 

And so that night, we all had the kolej meeting. All the girls were gathered in the surau for their usual pep talk. And then it was time for HER to speak. She said some Part 1 student was wearing "inappropriate" clothing and she actually made me stand up. STAND UP IN FRONT OF ALL OF PART 1 KOLEJ INTAN GIRLS. Me alone. Pin point me and started babbling crap. 

At that time, I was still a little duckling. Innocent little Dewi whom everyone can just pijak over anytime. But trust me girlfriend, If you did that to me now, this story would be WAY more interesting. So this is just one event that happened to me. If I were to share you all my stories about this wonderful caring kakak, memang sampai esok tak habis. 

You know the weird thing though? Bully memang bully tapi when they needed someone to represent the kolej for competitions or to jadi a model or whatever, mintak tolong I? Hurm. Pelik la kakak ni. 

If somehow YOU get to read this. YOU. YOU know who YOU are, this is especially for YOU. Honestly, every smile I gave you, every 'hello' was NEVER sincere. I hated you to my hearts content and you were also part of the reason why I left Kolej Intan. So thank you so much for making my stay at Kolej Intan so wonderful :)

Unfortunately, this SENIORITY crap doesn't seem to end. It's a never ending circle. The seniors bully the juniors, then when the juniors become seniors, they bully their juniors and on and on. The call it "tradition". Tradition my ass. But whatever it is, you CAN stop it from happening to you.  

To my friends, adik-adik that might be experiencing this, learn to say NO okay? I didn't at that time, but I know now. If it gets too much, go and report. If you already complained and they said " Alaaa dik, biasa la tu" ( I dah pernah kena) Come to me okay? I'll be glad to help. Til next time! :)


  1. hahahaha..i gelak jee baca!sebab rasa macam stupidos kannn dorang buat kitaa!what theee tutttt!!!bila igt balik..mmg geram gilaaa..i plak kena berdiir..sebab i n gebu tak amek signature....i bantai tido jee dalam bilik..lantak dtg nak study..sibuk plak kau suruh jumpa senat2..mmg tak layan!!!hahaha.. i miss you my dewi :( ..bnyk sgt kenangan kat sana...u tulis laa lagik....i'll keep reading baby

  2. hahaha i miss you too!! tapi kelakar kan zaman tu. adoi. it was fun sbb wing kitorang cool! hehehehe. love you sayang!

  3. hope that akk bukan one of them..hahahaha.. :p

    p/s: ur wing-wing team! huhu

  4. hehe SO NOT one of them! hehehe