Monday, 12 December 2011

The one with SISTERLY LOVE.


From Yazmin's hectic project deadlines, to my never ending assignments and Irene's piling work, we FINALLY made time for each other. As it is 5:08am, too tired to type, so I'll let the pictures illustrate our short and sweet meeting! :)
After good half an hour of deciding where to eat, we decided to have dinner at Canoodling.
Along puasa, so she buka with this kuey teow soup thingy. 
As for Min, she tried this pasta goreng thingy.
And for myself? Salted fish and chicken fried rice! Super Yummy! :)

First time there so jakun boleh doodle on the table. Felt like a kid again. Mesti Iris and Ria syok jugak. Will bring them nanti. IF they behave. We'll see. 
Yes, memang saya betul betul fokus.
TADAAA. Yes, faithful mercow is always with me. 
Heeeeee :) I wonder if they threw it out...

Next stop! Baskin Robbins for dessert. Photo Op!
"eh jap jap" *betulkan tudung & rambut masing masing*

And that's all! Had a great time with my sisters, very blessed to have them in my life. <3
Okaylah, gonna try my best to sleep now. 
Goodnight to zombies like myself and Good morning to early birds!

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