Sunday, 21 August 2011

The one about RARA ZIKRY.

Salam and Good Afternoon lovelies,

I'd like to share this story & above all, the lesson I learned from it.

Zarith Nadhira or fondly known as Rara has made headlines all over Malaysia. I don't know Rara in person so my post is based on what I read and saw on the news. So feel free to correct me if I'm wrong okay? According to her mother, Rara went brisk walking with some friends last year and suddenly turned blue black and couldn't breathe. After that she fell into coma for 2 months. Alhamdulillah she woke up from the coma but now is unable to speak, her hands and legs are stiff which limits her movement and she has to be fed through a tube in her lower abdomen. 

Due to Rara's high medical expenses, her parents have posted an appeal on Facebook to help raise money. Honestly, that's all I need to know to help. She's sick, they need money, that's it. 

What upsets me is that some people are saying " Kenapa nak semangat sangat nak tolong Rara tu? She's a really social person" Other things like " Memang patut kena pun, ni balasan dia" Ok these people pissed me off. Memang I tak kenal Rara, and I don't need to know her to help. She might be very social, pakai sexy or whatever but I really don't care. So what, just because she has a social life, we can't help her? I'm really confused. Didn't know we need to do a background check on a person, THEN baru boleh tolong.

I'm sure there are thousands of cases similar to Rara's case kan. But why is SHE getting media coverage? I think it's cuz it's rare for us to see a beautiful girl like Rara  to be in this situation. That's actually why her case caught my eye. To show that no matter how pretty, rich, ugly, poor, famous whatever you are, God can take all that away in a snap. 

To conclude, I don't need to know who she was, all I know is that she's really sick and we want her to get better. Fullstop. 

Here's how you can help: You can make your donation at the account below:

Maybank Account Details
Account Number: 112183147486
Account Holder's Name: Zarina binti Amir

OR if you have no money to donate, DOA'S ARE FREE and can go a long way. We'll pray for you to get better soon Rara, InsyaAllah, Amin. :)


  1. wow,this is literally intriguing!!how in the world u dpt these informations??that is quite an opinion dear..keep tell me more stories ok? =)

  2. Thanx :) I saw it one the news and on their FB page, so I decided to spread the word on my blog as well. Thanx for your support! will keep posting :)