Friday, 12 August 2011


I see so many Malaysian bloggers that are being criticized for writing in English. (I'm still clueless as to why) So let me start by telling YOU why I'm writing in English, or this can also be rephrased as Why I'm NOT writing in Bahasa Melayu. *hint of sarcasm* Anyway, although I find it absurd to have to explain why I write in whatever language I write in (because it's MY BLOG and MY LIFE) but I'll just do it so we're all on the same page AND so I can avoid posting this in the future.

So yes, I AM Malay and my mother tongue IS Bahasa Melayu but being mostly brought up abroad, my Malay really.. just... SUCK. There you go, as simple as that. Proof? For SPM I got 3B for BM. More proof? Bahasa Melayu saya tidak bagus. -__-
                          End of story.

So believe me, if my Malay was superb, I would definitely blog in BM. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my English is superb nor am I saying that I can't speak Malay at all, I'm just more better in english. But Malay words or slangs will be tossed around here and there. Don't worry laaaaa, I'm a Malay at heart. Tanah tumpahnya darahku *patriotik* 

So if after reading this, you STILL wanna kutuk me for writing in English? I just have one thing to say.. THANK YOU for the free pahala. Hik. Peace out! :) 


  1. hi awk..just drop by to say i miss u !i dah follow you!hahaha..nnti rajin2 singgah my blog jugak yaaa...muaaxxxx..dewi ..cerita laa bout your life smuaa...kalau betul2..blogging sangat best yang...

  2. Hi awak!!! ehh cmana nak follow2 ni? nak follow awak juga! saya newbie. tak tau. -_-

  3. i see a grammatical error. hikhik. im just busting ur balls baby! love you!

  4. hahaha. like i said. My english isn't superb. bluek. hehe.