Friday, 12 August 2011

The one with a certain HANDSOME BOY.

Fadzmel is his name, and bebelling is his game. Ha ha ha. ( Failed attempt at rhyming) -__-
                           Ok ok. *serious mode*

Apart from him being my one and only, he's the one who encouraged me to blog. He even created my Google account! So adorable. Hik. Anyway, apparently he thinks my thoughts and opinions are beneficial and should be shared with the world? OR maybe...he's tired of hearing me talk so much, hence encouraging me to write it all here so he wont have to hear me bebel anymore? Aha! Also possible... but, being a positive thinker, I'll go with the first reason. Hik =)

Handsome. Yes, that's my nickname for him. Is he REALLY handsome? See for yourself at the end of this post as I will be posting his picture! *browsing through Handsome's fb* Hehe.

BUT before you call me a gold digger..or in this case a looks digger? (word does not exist) or a physical appearance digger ( also does not exist) because of addressing him as Handsome, hear me out. Yes, he obviously has so many other attributes like being intelligent, funny, friendly. But I mean, sangat tak comel ok if I were to nickname him Intelligent. For example, "Today Intelligent bought me flowers"..*ZzzzZZz* Doesn't, " Today Handsome bought me flowers" sound so much better? You see what I'm saying? Heeee.

Oh no, before I start gushing about him, I shall start to conclude this post.

I used to think we wouldn't make it this far by being total opposites in terms of life and personality, but now.. I know it's okay if Handsome and I are so different. Because our differences complete US. He is my sunshine. Nuff said. Thank you for loving me and supporting me throughout everything. And thank you also for encouraging me to blog. Your right, its fun :) I love you Handsome boy <3

                            Tadaaaa! Handsome :)

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