Monday, 15 August 2011

The one with the FAT TRUTH.


It is I, Dewi Dahlia, reporting for duty.

It has come to my attention that *long pause* I'm getting fatter. *sob sob* One would think, being that it's the FASTING month, you end up LOSING weight..but sadly, it's the opposite for me. *sob sob*

It all started last night after buka..

                     *lakonan semula*

So here I am, slouched down to my chair while one hand is placed on my tummy. *menunjukkan betapa kenyangnya saya*  Not realizing there was another party observing closely..Then out of the blue, Papa says " I think you should start doing sit ups la Ya ( what my family calls me. Short for Dahlia) I looked at my balloon-like tummy and just stared into space.

I thought about Papa's comment all night. Yes it kinda hurt..but I mean I just had dinner kan? So obviously my tummy buncit right? I'm only human. Not like Kate Moss. So I slept it off.


Today, again after buka while I was getting ready to go upstairs, Mummy dropped a comment. I forgot her exact words but what she said is that my lemak dah besar. No wait, ha! the word was "dah terkeluar" Also known as blubber, muffin top, tayar, love handles. Call it whatever you want, in the end, it's fat.

Soooooo, this has happened once before, AND because I didn't listen to my parent's advise, I ended up looking like....

                         *brace yourselves*


Yes, it's real. Yes, I look like a Philipino maid. Yes, I realize I'm jeopardizing my future by uploading this picture. -__-

In conclusion, I do not wanna end up looking like that hippo wearing the dress up there, so this time around, I'm gonna take my parents advise, and start exercising/eating right. (You see Papa, I do listen to you) :)

Moral of the story: For all of you out there, sometimes criticisms can hurt. Alot. Especially if it's about sensitive issues like weight. But although it hurts, keep in mind that those people have your best interests at heart. :)

That's the end of the fat segment, look out for my next post! My challenge to kuruskan badan before Raya. I shall be my own guinea pig. Erk. If it works, maybe you guys can try it too. Heee. *spread the love*

Goodnight lovelies!


  1. Hippoooo!

    I gain like 4kg over the last 3 months -____-

    Really need more sit ups as well

  2. Lol! just noticed this comment. hehehe. But if we're gaining weight, it means we're happy kan? hehehe. :p