Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The one with RAYA AND MERDEKA 2011.


Hello! Sorry lama tak update, keje makan je. Ugh. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya and Salam Merdeka to all! Hope your Raya holiday was as awesome as mine! *chicken dance* Okay. As promised, pictures! I'll let the pictures do the talking. Hehe.

*Ni lah keje saya dengan cousin cousin saya malam raya*

First Day Raya

 The WHOLE family!
 Cousins, formal.
 Cousins freestyle 1. Rawr!
 Cousins freestyle 2. Rawrr! Atuk and Nenek redha je kat tengah tengah tu. haha.
 Mother and I <3
 My superheroes <3
Last but not least, my family picture :)

Ada BANYAK lagi gambar but I'm sure this is enough. hehe. Mwah! Will post again soon! *xoxo*

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