Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The one where I'M BACK.


Long time no see! Sorry dah lama tak post..I've been urm busy doing urm..*cricket cricket* Anyway, I'm back! :) Penat dengar Handsome bebel bout not blogging. (told ya dia suka bebel) So yea, will try my best to update whenever me got time k?

What's new eh? Aha! New semester. Bye-bye 4 months of doing nothing but shop, habiskan duit Papa, gaduh dengan the girls, tidur sampai pukul 1 and more. Haih. And bye-bye family..*sob sob* Another semester without beloved family nearby. :( but it's okay, I'll make them proud by scoring 4flat this semester ( InsyaAllah, Amin) Will be praying for all of you as well! Hehe.

Apa lagi eh? Jom borak borak. Boringlah. Me alone at Starbucks, there's a creepy man just looking at me. Creepy man, if you follow my blog and reading this now,stop staring. Ur creeping me out. Which is why I'm calling you creepy man. Eh but if he's just staring, how can he be reading this at the same time? Hahaha. Adoi, as u can see, I'm bored. Borak borak dengan creepy man je lah. NOT. -_-

Moving on. Oh! I'd like to thank Abang Wan for lending me his ipad. Hehe. Thank you Abang. Bestlah, tapi rasanya macam dah type banyak tapi tengok mcm sikit je. Penat betulkan sume typo kot. Heh. But best. Lalala. Handsome, nak ipad jugak please? Mekaceh.

Geram lah. I really had so many things I wanted to share taw. From my hijab experience in Singapore to September 11 to public transportation in Malaysia. Will share my September 11 experience in my next post k? Til then! mwah!

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