Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The one when I'm BACK IN SINGAPORE.

I'm back! hehe. I'm gonna try my very best to update EVERYTHING from Raya to what we're doing today, bare with me okay?

So while everyone continues to enjoy the kuih raya, ketupat, lemang, lodeh, my family and I have to go back to Singapore. *sob sob*

But at least I'm with my family, so we're making the best of it =)
Anyway, this is what we did...

Third day of Raya

SHOPPING! Oh btw, new faces! From left: Sister, Yazmin, Me, Cousins Harith and Izzah. 

Us at Ion. Looky looky, another cuzzie in purple! Nuzul :)

 Check check it out! Bestie Lina is here!
 Yes, it's me wearing the ugg boots. Haha. And no, there;s no winter in Singapore. -__-

 Dinner with the gang.
 From left: Lina's brother, Aji and cousin Zurikh

That't it for now. Min bebel bebel suruh kemas dapur. Grr. Til next time!

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